OEM antifreeze/Coolant

This was a nationwide product launch for the US by Recochem, a Canadian chemical company. I did all the creative, which included logo design, label designs for an eight-product line, an abbreviated six-product label design and specific product pitch deck for Walmart, French/English labels for the Canadian versions, color and material specs, brand and style guides, online survey assets, concept and design for a full digital ad campaign, website design, multiple print ads, large format trade show graphics, and storyboards & art direction for eleven product videos. A second launch of a motor oil line included packaging, as well as the design and development of the Easy Match app.

HD Expert Heavy Duty Coolant

HD coolant is a B to B market, and the product launch included logo design, packaging, digital, and trade show graphics.

Coolant University

Recochem launched Coolant University, a 10-part web based instructional video series covering everything you need to know about coolant. I designed and animated the logo, art directed the series, and executed dozens of animated infographic segments throughout. You can watch them HERE, or see an example below.