Innovation Center
In MPA corporate headquarters, they built the Innovation Center,  a custom lab and demo space, complete with a dual-lift working garage/media production studio space for generating video content. I designed all of the signage, which included a lit entryway, pin-mounted lettering, acrylic blade identifiers, a hanging factory entry/transitional piece, window graphics, and several painted wall graphics. I also art directed a graphic/video segment for a four-panel display, designed a back-lit parts display area, an outdoor monument, LED display kiosks, and sourced theater seating.

Aapex is an annual aftermarket automotive trade show held in Las Vegas. I designed the initial booth, and every year there is some combination of new graphics and reuse. This is a broad job that includes large format graphics, advertising, collateral, motion graphics, web, email, and promo items.

MPA print work is a constant – catalogs, installation guides and service manuals, and packaging for sub brands.

I art directed and produced this short loop for the 2017 booth. The theme was ‘Street Smart’, and the piece is a showcase for their product offerings.